Welcome to the Team Edward Adoption Register site. Please read our FAQ's below and then you will find the Adoption Registration form

Edward's FAQ's

How does the adoption process work

We are a very small rescue with limited resources in terms of people power to respond to the many many messages we receive. The people that help us are purely volunteers who give their free time for the pure enjoyment and love of Labradors. All are full time professional people having their own businesses and work commitments. We ask that anyone interested in adopting a Labrador completes an online registration form. We are in the very fortunate position in having far more people on the adoption register than we have labs for rehoming. If this was not the case, the labs looking for a new home would have a very long wait, so from a labs point of view great news, ...not so great for people wanting to adopt, as it often means a wait for the lab to come in to your home and put their paws up and cuddle on the sofa. We asses the Labrador coming into our care based on what we are told and how the dog acts in our care. We then decide the kind of people/home we are looking for to suit the individual dog. We have circa 600 people registered over the past 8 months for our dogs and we like to match them with labs coming into our care depending on what we feel the lab needs in a furever home Some labs we wouldn't put with children, maybe not good with other dogs cats etc so we are careful to place them with the right family The adoption register is not simply a list and you make your way to the top after time. We carefully try to match people to the lab based on what we know/learn about the lab looking for a home and your circumstances as detailed on the registration form It can be a long wait depending on what you write about your circumstances on the form We always say if a lab needs a home from any other source then please don't wait for one of our dogs

I have registered to adopt, what happens next

I have registered online what happens next ? We have a large register, but each time a lab comes in for rehoming we review our list. We do not rehome the labs based on who has been on the register the longest. We choose the most suitable home for the lab in question. Therefore you may be on our adoption list for some time until the right lab comes in. We try to contact people every three months to check they are still looking for a lab. We ask if you find a lab for your home from another resuce that you let us know, so we can take you off our register. We reccomend that you register with a number of rescues as this will give you a better chance of a match with your new four legged pal

I have not heard from you, have you forgotten me

We try to keep people on the register updated, if you have not heard from us for over three months, please drop us an an email contactus@team-edward-labrador-rescue.co.uk Please be aware we are all volunteers with full time jobs and families. We will respond as soon as possible and will always reply to emails and messages

How much does it cost to adopt a Labrador from Team Edward

There is no fixed adoption fee, but we do solely rely on donations and fund raising. When you adopt, we ask for a donation but the amount you donate is entirely within your gift

Why do I have to visit the Nottingham area to visit a potential new family member

We ask all prospective adoptees to visit the lab looking for a new home. We do not use kennels whilst labs are in our care. We place them in foster homes in the Nottingham area so we can be in close contact with them and the foster parents

If we have children under five why do you generally say no to us adopting from Team Edward

Whilst most labs as we know are very sociable and usually child friendly, we do not always know the full history of the lab so are very cautious about placing labs into homes with very young children

Online Register How does it work

Edward receives a lot of messages asking to confirm if he has received the adoption details. With the register you create your own account on his website, so if you can see your adoption details you will know Edward can also see them. Members of the register can only see their own data ,Edwards “helpers can see adoptee details so they can look for new homes for the labs looking for a new sofa to call home.

Edward takes your personal data very seriously so he will never share your details with anyone outside of Team Edward Labrador Rescue.

Please add your details below you will receive an email acknowledging your application but PLEASE check your SPAM folder for Edward's email